Implementation Services
With agreed upon definition of project success and measurements to achieve success, we provide and assume responsibility of the Implementation Team (Project Manager, Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, Integration Specialists, Technical Quality Assurance Specialists, Business Operations Specialists/Testers).  We ensure involvement of senior management team and communication process.  We establish project deliverables, timetable, and budgets for a successful project within the business resources that are available

Project Oversight and Auditing
Theβ€Ž most costly projects are the ones that never end and miss the purpose and business driver behind new systems.  We establish the process by which a system is selected including the evaluation metrics; launch the oversight group including executive sponsorship and communication; provide senior leadership with periodic audits of the process to ensure clear understanding of the project's progress and health.  This is more than project management - we continually focus on the business drivers and success metrics to successfully meet the original business objective and improve the business

Corporate Planning and Vision Review

Are you staying true to the VISION that led to the creation of your company: your core beliefs, values, and  purpose?  This is more than financial metrics for success; are you serving your clients by creating competitive  differentiation.  We lead discussions and assist leadership in setting or resetting the corporate direction and goals for the next 3-5 years and determining evaluation metrics for success.

Compliance Audit/Control Review
Review control procedures; Create control procedures, if none exist or deficient; Compare control data points with
control procedures; Recommend changes to control procedures as necessary

Specific Process Evaluation and Improvement
Analyze business processes and procedures; Identify inefficiencies and recommend changes; Create and/or
update procedures with visualization model for ease of understanding and communication; Provide training for affected staff

Organizational Analytics
Are you measuring the correct things? Are you trying to grow without being able to monitor the sales pipeline? 
We provide analysis of existing reports by department; Interview key end users for reporting requirements and needs; Recommend changes or updates as necessary; Assist with consolidation, design or redesign