To Increase the Health of your Business!

Just like the human body, businesses are composed of DNA strands constrained by business innovation and technology.  Connecting these strands are the systems, processes, procedures, and regulations that govern your business eco system.  An overly manual or inefficient business connector can create a drain on the business. 

Likewise, business connectors that are not visible to the business or not measured can create similar negative results (i.e. unmeasured sales pipeline of projected revenue can create a false sense of health when compared to expenses and closing rates).  An unhealthy business connector increases costs and decreases productivity which reduces the focus on the overall business objective of increased revenue and increased customer satisfaction with minimal business expense.

It is the mission of  STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES to assist companies in maximizing the health of each business connector by creating a health score for each in the value chain of the business and offering options improve the health score, if deemed deficient.  Our mission supports a basic business principle:


     If you can monitor it, you can measure it. 
     If you can
measure it, you can change or improve it.


Let us help you enhance the DNA of your business with solutions customized for your company, industry, and culture!